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The Office System allows for payments to be processed at the POS through third party vendors, specifically ETS Transvault.  Its necessary for the POS to communicate with the ETS Transvault software to process credit card transactions. The Terminal Value allows sync with the Payment Processing software, and the value itself is typically determined by the Payment Processor.

Use Case(s)

  • Setting Club or Clubs Local IT need to set up a Club POS system to allow credit card transactions exclusively with ETS Transvault.

Please Note: If Club is NOT hosted, the process outlined below will need to be completed for each individual POS.


Table of Contents
excludeRDP Setup - Hosted Server


Please Note: This process will set up the ETS Terminal. If, after completing these steps, there are issues, a newer version of ETS Transvault needs to be installed.  

Installing Newer Version of ETS

Newer version of ETS Transvault are available in the CE setup folder:+++-`-``-`-``-`-`--- 


Please contact your CE Support Team for assistance in updating your version of ETS. 



Downloadable Guide