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Table of Contents
excludeInstalling Office


System - Getting Started

When your Club makes the decision to use PayCloud and Autopay, Clubessential will assist in basic setup, including converting the payment token for use.  Many settings, however, are easy to use, and enable you to define/manage the process.


This setting dictates what payment options appear for your Members to make an online payment.  Available options are those that have been set up for your Club.

Payment Notifications

  Users have multiple options for changing Payment Notifications for Members and Admins


Member Notifications

Turn on email notifications to your Members by checking the Payment Processed and/or the Payment Error settings.  When Payment Processed setting is enabled, an email will be sent to Member confirming successful payment.  Payment Error setting generates an email to Member when payment was attempted, but not successfully processed.



Missing Payment Account, if checked, will send a reminder to the Member three days before the scheduled payment date for all those without an associated payment account.


Admin Notifications


Users can edit Admin notifications to send when a Payment has Failed, and update the email to which the notification will go, under Club Settings, then Payment Notifications.


Manage your System

Member’s have the ability to set up and interact with their payment information. If they have any issues during setup or while maintaining their accounts, you can guide them through the process or complete it for them.