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The Pace of Play Manager allows you to track each Tee Times within the Tee Time Admin Dashboard. This is a manual process where you may log when rounds begin, log the next turn, and log the final time of play.

Use Case(s):

    • As an Admin, I would like to be able to log when a group begins their Tee Time, log the turn, and log the final time of play.
    • As an Admin, I would like to track Pace of Play to run and export reports on average play time by member and by course.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on Pace of Play.

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Table of Contents
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Accessing Pace of Play

To access Pace of Play begin on the Tee Times Admin Dashboard. Hover over Administration then Pace of Play, and click Pace of Play Manager.


Once the page loads, you will see all of your potential tee times within the manager.

Logging Pace of Play

 To begin logging, simply click on the Start Tab.


To log a time in the future, or the past, click Choose Time.

Logging Turns

 To log a turn, click on the Turns Tab.


To log a time in the future, or the past, click Choose Time.

Ending the Play

 To end logging, click on the Finishes Tab. 


Click on the Pace tab to view the overall pace of play for the game.

Reporting Pace of Play

To access Reporting for Pace of Play, hover over Administration within the Tee Times Admin Dashboard then over Pace of Play. Click on either Summary or Detail.

Pace of Play Summary

Pace of Play Summary shows an overview of all rounds logged within the system. This report is best used to determine an average pace of play for each course you have.


At the top of the Pace of Play Summary, you have various filtering options to sort through data by: Course, Dates, Days of the Week, Groups, Mens/Ladies, Rounds, and type of Report.

Pace of Play Detail

Pace of Play Detail shows details on particular members that have made tee times that have been logged in the Pace of Play Manager. This report is best used to determine playing times for particular people and reservations.


Additionally, you can export this report by clicking on Export to Excel or Export to PDF.

Downloadable Guide

Pace of Play Guide