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The Unified Platform allows Clubs to manage their Dining Reservations seamlessly across the Reservations System into the Office Food and Beverage POS System; ensuring Administration, Members, and the Dining Staff have the tools they need to reserve and manage the Club’s Dining experience. 

Use Case(s)

A Club may wish to allow their Members to register for Dining Reservations utilizing the on-line Reservations system.  Additionally, the Club may also utilize the Clubessential Office Product, with Food and Beverage POS fully implemented in their Dining facilities.  In addition to allowing the Members to make reservations online, the Club is interested in assisting Members who call-in or walk-up with making a Dining Reservation.  Daily, the Club would also like the Food and Beverage areas of their Club to have integrated visibility and editing capabilities to the Dining Reservations, be able to easily convert the reservations into POS dining tickets; assign tables and servers to the Reservations, add items to the Tickets, and ultimately charge their Members.  The Unified Suite provides the Club with the ability to meet their goals.


This video contains highlights from a training Webinar given on the Dining Unification process.


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Table of Contents
excludeUnification - Dining



Make a Reservation (as a Member) 

Once a Member makes a Reservation on-line using the Clubessential Dining Reservations product, the Reservation fully integrates into the Food and Beverage POS application.  

For example a member could make a reservation on the website as follows: 

Navigate to Book a Table 


Select Reservation Date/Dining Room/Time 

Select the Date, scroll to the desired Dining Room (if more than one exist), and select specific time slot by clicking on the Booking block. 

Complete Registration Booking Form 

Once a time is selected, the Reservation form will appear.  Complete the form, and click “Make Reservation.” 


Once a Member makes a Reservation online using the Clubessential Dining Reservations product, the Reservation fully integrates into the Food and Beverage POS application.


Point of Sale (POS)


To view the existing Dining Reservations, log in to the Food and Beverage POS Terminal associated with the Dining area. 

Dining Tab (as a Dining Manager) 

Once logged in, navigate to the “Dining,” tab.   

Main Grid

All Dining reservations for Today (default date) will appear on this tab. 


Colors Displaying on Main Grid 

To learn more about the Color meanings on the grid, click on the “Colors” button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.  A Color Picker window will launch. 


Colors may be changed by clicking on the color, selecting a new color, and clicking, “OK.”

Club Display

This filter contains the Club(s) available in the POS.  In the event more than one Club exists in the system, selection of a particular Club will be available here.   


Dining Rooms Display 

The filter (below) contains the Dining Rooms.  Most Clubs have more than one Dining Room, and as a Dining Room Manager, it is common to utilize the “All Resources” option within the drop-down to display all dinings reservations in the Club. 


Show Admin Dashboard 

Click on the “Show Admin Dashboard” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to make/edit reservations directly from the POS. 


Once clicked, the Admin Webview functionality launches.

Make/Edit Reservations within POS 


To make a new Reservation, click on the desired time of the reservation to launch the Reservation form. 


Click “Hide Admin Dashboard” to return to main Dining Reservations grid. 

Convert Dining Reservations to Open Tickets

To convert a Dining Reservation into an Open Ticket, click on the desired Dining reservation. 


Note, the ticket is open, the Table and Server have been assigned, and the Reservation moves to Partial/Open status (yellow).

Review Dining Room Status

To review the status of the open Dining Room tickets, click on an open (Yellow) ticket to launch the “Ticket Audit Preview,” screen.  


In the example below, entree salads were just ordered, so it is likely the table will not be finishing up in the very near future.



Dining Tab (As a Server)

The Dining tab and associated reservations are also viewable to the Servers. 


Convert Open Ticket to Member Charge

Once ticket has been assigned to a Server, the Server can access the Ticket on the Tickets tab.  Server will click ticket to open. 


When complete, ticket can be closed based on Member/Guest payment preference. 


Review Dining Tab (Reservations) 

Servers also have access to the Dining Tab, and can review upcoming reservations. 


Best Practices

 At the end of the shift or evening, go into System Tools, go to the Open Tickets tab, review open tickets and ensure all open tickets are closed appropriately.


Q. How do I re-open a closed ticket?


A. Contact your Account Manager.  If you don’t know who your Account Manager is, email [email protected], and someone will follow up with you to let you know.

Downloadable Guide

Unification - Dining Guide