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Events that involve a la carte style reservations should be set up as a “Special Event” through the Administration menu on the Dining Admin Dashboard page.

Use Cases:

  • Saturday Night Seafood Buffet

  • Italian Night

  • 4th of July BBQ


This video provides an overview of how to Add a Special Dining Event.


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Table of Contents
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Accessing the Tool 

From the Dining Admin Dashboard, click Administration, and select Special Events as shown below.


The Dining Special Events page will load.


Add a Special Dining Event

Within the Dining Special Events page, click the Add Event button.


(Note - more information available on creating a calendar event available here.)



Q: How do I ensure the location of the event is blocked off an hour before the event so there is time to set up?


Once event is saved, event will be listed on the main Special Events page.  To edit the event, highlight the event, and click the Edit Event option to re-open the Special Event details.  Edit as necessary, and then Save and Close when finished.

Best Practices

  • Add Member Special Events to the Club Calendar to allow for easy Member registration and other Website feature integration.

  • Use an Event Flyer to advertise the Special Event, and cross-market the event in areas such as Statements, and/or other reservation confirmation emails.

Downloadable Guide

Dining Special Events