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  1. Determine if your machine is a 32 or 64 bit system by searching “System” in your start bar and opening the program.  Under system type, it will say either 64 bit system or 32 bit system.

  2. Download the Netcaddy Pro program here for 64 bit system, or here for 32 bit system.

  3. Run the download and click through the prompts until the program is successfully installed. Standard installation is very much advised.

  4. Open the program. In the top right corner of the window is a wrench and screwdriver icon . Click this to open the Settings window if they do not open automatically.

  5. The Netcaddy Pro settings are specific to your club. If you do not have those on file please reach out to our support team and we are happy to provide them to you.

  6. The required settings are as follows: Site ID, Website URL, Username & Password for the website, and the Facility ID. Please note that the Username and Password are the exact same as your login to the website. If your password resets on the website it will need to be re-entered in the settings.

  7. Check the box for “Netcaddy Netcaddy Golf" for Tee Times. (The other "Netcaddy..." check boxes should only be checked off if you have separate reservation systems.)

  8. Make sure the "Enable IP verification..." setting is NOT checked.

  9. Save using the Floppy Disk icon, close out of Netcaddy Pro and reopen the program to ensure it is using the updated proper settings.

Using Netcaddy Pro