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Minimums are used to require a Club’s members to spend a certain amount of money at the Club within a specified time frame.  The Office system can generate Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Yearly, and/ or Custom Minimum schedules.  If a member does not spend their required amount within the specified time frame, they will be billed the remaining balance at the corresponding Month End.

Use Case

The Club requires its Members to spend $250 each month at the Club.  Spending in all areas of the Club (with the exception of Banquets) counts toward a Member’s minimum spend.  Periodically, in an effort to retain long-time Members, or to make up for a Club’s mistake, the Club may lower the amount of required minimum spend for a Member(s) for a period of time.  The Club enters Minimum adjustments to ensure the reduced minimums properly reflect in the Member(s) account(s).