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Bank Account Information

 Each option highlighted above will allow you to add the payment method you prefer (ACH or Credit Card). For ACH or Bank Account information you will need to add your name, routing number and account number, and then click submit.

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Credit Card Information

Registering a Credit Card is a very similar process, you will need to enter the card number, name, expiration date and Credit Card Security Code number. Then you can enter your Billing Address and verify the card.

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Upon successful addition of a new Credit Card, the screen below should appear.

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Scheduling Payments

Payments can be scheduled for a single future date, or recurring set of payments from the Payment Options screen by following the link Schedule a future or recurring payment.

After a successful payment has been set up, the following message should appear confirming the scheduled date. 



Managing Scheduled Payments

If a scheduled payment needs to be cancelled, they can be deleted from the Payment Options Screen, on the right hand side where Upcoming Payments are listed.

Deleting Payment Methods

Managing the payment methods that have been entered is as simple as clicking the Manage Payment Methods link from the home screen, then clicking delete next to any bank account or credit card that needs to be removed.