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Welcome to your Paycloud helper! We are all about making it easy for you to seamlessly enjoy time at the club. So, why not streamline the payment process too?

As with most bills, automatic payments make things so much easier. If automatic payments aren’t ideal, that is okay too! You can still use this tool to enter your payment information and make a payment to the club when it works best for you. Please follow the steps below to set up bank information, and any single, recurring, or scheduled payments.

Use Case(s)

  • As a Club member I would like manage my payment methods, and be able to register my bank account(s), or my credit card(s) to be able to use it to make my payments.

As a member you now have access to register multiple Credit Cards or Bank Accounts to pay with, whether it is an immediate Single Payment or in the future through a Scheduled Payment.

  • As a Club member I would like to schedule a Recurring Payment to be automatically charged at a set time each month from a Bank Account or Credit card of my choosing.

As a member you have access to set up recurring payments to your specifications.



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