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  1. Settings
  2. Event Services
  3. Manage Service Menus
  4. Find Menu, Click the Menu Name
  5. Click Delete next to an item to remove it or Click Add Items
  6. Find the items you would like to add and check the box in front of them (use search bar if needed)
  7. Add
  8. Once all items are added click Done




Q: How can I add a description? For example: Coffee with the options for Decaf Coffee, Creamer, and/or Sweeteners for my Coffee Item. 
A: You can add a description to each item directly under the Service Item Name in the Description text box. See example below.


Q: We are receiving new menus for this year, how can I add those to the system? 
A: Please see the Creating a New Menu section for more detail.

Q: How do I add an item to an existing menu?
A: Please see the Adjusting Current Menus section for more detail. 


Q: How do I only charge for half of a bottle of liquor?
A: Change the Quantity Precision to Half or Quarter in the item setup. See example below.


Best Practices

  • Double check all Auto Calculated quantities to ensure they correctly correspond with the need for one item per guest or one singular item.

  • Always check the bottom two boxes for Apply Changes to Settings Menu and Apply Cost Change to Function Menus when Updating an Item, as seen below.