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 Website - Release Notes

Table of Contents
exclude10.03.16 - Releases



  • Enhanced User experience with CRM where only the necessary data on certain actions will be pulled to expedite load times.  

Use Case: Users will experience faster load times within CRM when performing certain actions as a direct effect from changes in the way data is retrieved.

Mobile App

Calendar Functionality 

  • Added functionality allows for Calendar Month View on Mobile App.

Please Note: This change will take effect with the latest update for the Mobile App.

Use CaseRecent App changes had only allowed Users to view the App Calendar in a list view for specific club branded apps. Now, added functionality will allow Users to view the Club Calendar on the App in the Month view with corresponding events per day selected, shown beneath the Calendar, as seen below:


<iframe width="853" height="480" src=";controls=0&amp;showinfo=0&amp;ecver=1" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Calendar Event Registration

    • As a Member, I would like the ability to modify or cancel my Calendar event registration from the Mobile Site and the Mobile App.

Please Note: The use of the term Mobile Site, refers to viewing the Club website via browser on a Mobile device (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and is different than viewing the Club’s Mobile App.

Use Case: Previously, Members were able to only view their Calendar Event registrations via Mobile Site and Mobile App. Now, with added functionality, Members can now view, edit, or cancel their Calendar Event registrations from both the Mobile Site and the Mobile App. Users can modify party size, attendees, and comments then save their changes or cancel their registration, as seen below.


Golf HITS Integration

    • Enhanced Tee Sheet integration with Golf Hits to improve the Club’s handicap chairman’s experience.

Use Case: Previously, a manual entry was needed, Users would need to view Tee Sheet and then manually key in each single member that played for the day. Now, a nightly upload has been created in order to send that information and create a sync process.

Please Note: This enhancement will only effect CE Clients that are also currently using Golf Hits.

Court/Resource Utilization Report

    • Enhanced User experience by releasing a Utilization Report with the ability for the User to filter down to individual or group Court or Resource by time, day of the week, date range, or specific courts/specific resources.

Please Note: The term Utilization in this instance is referring to a booked reservation or blocked court/resource. This enhancement will be added as an additional report titled “Court/Resource Utilization” in the Statistics section of any Courts, Lessons, Personal Training, etc. reservations module.

Use CasePreviously, Utilization Report only showed Date Range and Court/Resource grouping and was only visible internally on our Development environment. Now, with this enhancement, the User will be able to view the report on their website with all filters available.



    • As a Member, I would like to view the registrant list of a Calendar Event in alphabetical order instead of the order that the registrations were made.

Please Note: The Show Registrants Event setting must be enabled in order for any User to view the registrants for an event.

Use Case: Previously, the order in which Member’s registered caused issues in searching through registrants. Now, when the show registrants setting is enabled, the registrants list will be in alphabetical order for Members to quickly find the names of their friends who may also be signed up for the same event. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the My Activities view within CRM. My Activities will show activities for the signed in User only. Cache is set to be cleared when a User logs out in order to show current Assigned To events for the current  member.

  • Added a logging framework to the AXIS API with the goal of being able to better troubleshoot issues stemming from the pairings push from the Golf Genius software and the Clubessential tee sheet.

  • Corrected a discrepancy with the Website Text Message feature by updating the disclaimer text to read “A Text Message will not be sent unless there is text in the Text Message content area. The Subject text will also be sent via Text Message as it is required by some carriers. To send only a Text Message, leave the HTML and TEXT content empty.", to incorporate the use of Subject Lines as required by some Carriers.

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