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  • Name: should already be labeled, but if not, enter Bank ACH or Credit Card.
  • Description: Label this the same as Name
  • Debit Account: Should be the account that funds go to, such as your bank.
  • Default AR: Choose the AR for these payments.
  • Payment Type: ACH or Credit Card depending on which you are setting up
  • Token: Choose the MOTO account from the drop down. NOTE: If you already accept ACH and Credit Cards with a processor for payments in Office, you will need to only update this setting.

Update the Areas 

Each Area in the Office system has an option to enable the tab payments. The setting is per Area  to allow areas where Tabs can not be used to have the option disabled. For example, most Golf Shops will not accept Tab payments. There are also settings for Disabling gratuity which should be set if you used credit cards previously, but if this is the first time they should be looked at. 

  1. To update Tab Payments
    1. In Office, go to System > Areas
    2. Select the Area you wish to edit
    3. In the section Area Information you will see the option for Tab Payment. There you will choose the specific ETS account that should be used for that area.
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  2. To update Gratuity settings
    1. In Office, go to System > Areas
    2. Select the Area you wish to edit
    3. Click on POS Options and will you will see a long list of settings. The ones highlighted below pertain to Gratuity. Set those to what you prefer for that area. 
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Device Installation

Device Installation is handled by ETS. If you have received card readers from them and have not had an meeting to install the devices, please reach out to ETS so they can assist with setup and testing.


If you are looking to add ETS for online payments. Please reach out to Clubessential Support for configuration of your account in our Paycloud product.


Q: Can I use my previous credit card readers at each point of sale?

A: No. You will need to purchase new readers directly from ETS

Q: Will my saved bank accounts or credit cards on our website be saved for our members?

A: No. The accounts do not migrate between processors

Q: Will my saved accounts on the member accounts in Office migrate?

A: This depends on who the previous payment processor was. Check with Clubessntial Support for confirmation. 


Downloadable Guide


Setting Up ETS in Office and POS Guide