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The Mobile POS Application, installed and run on iPad(s) in the Club, can be used for a multitude of purposes to enhance the Member experience as well as increase Staff efficiency. Mobile POS functions as Classic POS would in a Dining setting; taking and firing orders, viewing and settling Mobile Orders, checking gift card balances, item lookup, ticket splitting, Member charge, and various shift reports. In addition, it can be used for Mobile Tee Time check-ins and settlements on the course.

Use Case(s):


  • Servers would like to be able to take Member orders at the table during their Dining experience in order to speed up the process and create seamless Member Dining.

  • Servers would like to be able to take orders and charge Members Poolside for drinks and food from the snack bar.

  • A Member requests to know the balance of a Gift Card at the table, the Server would like to be able to check that balance from their tablet running Mobile POS.

  • Golf Staff would like to be able check-in Members at the first tee and charge them any associated fees.


The End of Shift Report allows Users to select a date range as well a specific device for which the report will be run.

Image Modified

The Final End of Shift Report will populate, as seen here. Users can choose to edit their selections or print the report


As in Classic POS, Mobile POS allows Users to check the Gift Card Balance for any Member. This interface is searchable by Member Name or Number.


Q: How can I activate more Devices to use Mobile POS?

A: If you need to add more Devices, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to determine the best fit for your club, and work through a contract addendum for you.

Q: I am trying to login log in but do not have an enter or continue button visible.  I am only seeing the below screenshot.

A: Check your version of iOS by going to the Settings, General, Software Update, and install the latest version of IOS (currently version 12).  If the latest updates can not be installed, the device may not be supported.

Q: I am trying to use my system, but am seeing a blank screen. What do I do?

A:  If you lose connectivity to your Wi-Fi, the following blank screen will appear.  Ensure you are connected to the internet and then hard close and re-launch the app.  If you are still having issues after you have confirmed your connectivity, please uninstall and reinstall the app.  

Q: How can I adjust the Dining room layout for Mobile POS?

A: The tables that show in the Select a Table section are able to be edited, just as in Classic POS, through the Screen Group Designer in Office.

Q: Why does my Screen Group look different in Mobile POS than in Classic POS?

A: Mobile POS has been rendered to limit the number of colors and has been formatted for use on tablets. This will lead to a lack of colors or other features that you had saved in Classic POS through Screen Group Designer.


  • Mobile POS has been completely re-written - please take note that not all Classic Features are currently available in Mobile POS. Stay tuned to upcoming Releases for future feature parity.

    • For example, in Classic POS there are timekeeping features where employees can clock in and out and then an end of shift report can be produced. In Mobile POS, there is not yet a clock in or out feature but the end of shift report can still be run. (As of 3/4/19)

  • For Clubs that use Square for Credit Card processing, gratuity must only be added in the Enter Tip Amount screen in Mobile POS. Members should only be interacting with Square to provide their signature.

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