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  • Only work on one bank reconciliation at a time for each bank account. Complete the reconciliation before proceeding to the next month.

  • Users can stop and start the bank reconciliation process at any time. Users can Save/Exit and will receive an out of balance warning. Once they are finished, they can print the bank rec report and save it.

  • Users can print out a list of which line items they have checked off on either side during the process by using the filters on the grid show only what is selected. Then, right click and export the grid and print.

  • Only one Bank Rec can be open at a time, and Users can only reopen the last rec completed for that account.

  • For an account to show in the list to be reconciled, it has to be set up in the G/L and set as Checking or other banking. General type will not trigger the system that it needs to be reconciled. Type is listed when viewing a G/L account from General Ledger across the top, then Accounts and you have opened the account window.

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