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exclude10.03.16 - Releases

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with syncing Groups from Office to CRM where groups successfully synced from Office to the Website, but then would not sync from the Website to CRM.

    • Fixed an issue with CRM scheduled Campaigns where Users created a monthly recurring campaign but did not select the day of recurrence, which would error and send the message repeatedly.

    • Fixed an issue with Courts where Members were able to open the booking window prior to times opening in certain rare instances.

    • Fixed an issue with Tee Times on the Mobile App where the App would continually load a day that had a schedule with no time range or defined hours.

    • Fixed an issue with Dining Reservations where

  • at Capacity
    • the time was switching

  • the Member’s in-time to a later, open spot, when the Reservation was being edited
    • when a Member was editing their reservation at a full capacity timeslot.

    • Fixed an issue with Court Reservations Cancellation Cutoff not properly

  • cancelling
    • allowing for cancellation when Reservations were made by an Admin.

    • Fixed an issue with Courts booking where a blank dropdown would display for ‘Guest Of’ when a New Guest was added and you could not assign a guest to a member.

    • Fixed an issue with Event Billing where Members were receiving an error message instead of a payment confirmation on mobile.

    • Fixed an issue with Mobile App Tee Sheet when viewing the

  • the
    • Tee Sheet for a day that had not yet opened. Users scrolling

  • suspends
    • was temporarily suspending the countdown timer.

    • Fixed an issue with Mobile App iOS Calendar Month view, where the month was not labeled and Users could not navigate to past months.

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