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Website - Getting Started


Learn to add attachments to your website emails, such as PDFs, word documents, and more.

Use Case(s)

Clubs looking to send a flyer for an event, monthly newsletter or other club documents.


This video provides an overview of how to use the Document Upload tool, and how to add email attachments.

Note: Sections of the video have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access

Total Video (Length)3:07  
Accessing Document Upload0:04Attaching Documents to Text1:43
Uploading Documents0:12Previewing Attached Document2:25
Securing/Unsecuring Documents1:07Attaching Documents to Images2:34
Composing Emails1:32  





Uploading the Document 

To access the Document Upload, follow the steps below depending on your access role. 

Admins, hover over Admin > Document Upload.

Editors, hover over Admin in the main navigation > Main Tools > Document Upload.


Select the folder you wish to upload into or click “Add New Folder” at the top to add more. Click the green plus button sign to upload a document.


Select the document(s) you want to upload.

Open the Editor to edit the content of the email, and begin composing the email.

Highlight the text you would like to make open the document.

Click the “Hyperlink” button on the right side of the toolbar, and select Document Link option.

Double Click the document you want to link.

This will attach the document in the email. Click Save to continue with the steps of sending an email.




Q: How can I make it so members don’t have to login to view the document?

A: Going back to the “Document Upload” in the “Admin” bar you can unselect the box on the right of the document labeled “Secured”. When a document is set as secured it requires a login to view it.

Q: Can I use an image instead of text to link to the document?

A: Yes, just select the image instead of text and follow the same instructions for adding a hyperlink.


Best Practices

  1. If you’re sending a document that has secure information, it will be best to keep the document secured so members must login to view it. This should reduce the chance of the member forwarding the email to a non-member. (Note, documents can still be downloaded and saved).
  2. If you must send longer content via email, try putting the content into a document or PDF. This way, members may download the document or PDF, instead of reading a lengthy email.

Downloadable Guide

Sending Documents in Blast Emails

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