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CRM - Release Notes


Trigger - Button

  • Ability to perform multiple actions within a single click using triggers.

    Use Case:  This functionality will provide CRM users the ability to click a button, and have a workflow complete.  There are numerous possibilities for the use of this tool.  One of the anticipated uses of this feature will be to insert a Close button on each row of an activity list, and instead of having to perform the steps of entering the activity list, editing the activity, changing the status in the drop-down to closed, clicking save, and exiting to the original list again to see the next activity, users may now stay on the summary read-only view, and click Close to launch the “closed” workflow for any activity selected. 

  • Ability to include a link that will update the values of a CRM record by inserting a special link.

    Use Case:  Similar to the above functionality, instead of embedding a Workflow into a button, the Workflow could also be embedded into a link and used in conjunction with the Campaign tool.  For instance, if the Club had an upcoming Prospecting event with allotted spaces of 50 people, the Club could email Prospects, with a Link to indicate “I am planning to attend”.  Once the link was clicked, the workflow would occur to update the CRM record.

Bug Fix

  • Record ID Unset when sending to a view based target with no snippets in the html content.

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