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CRM - Release Notes

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issues - when attempting to archive a field in an object, a page error is thrown. Also, clicking the 'Create New View' button throws a page error.  Finally, renaming a child-parent or parent-child type field throws a page error.

  • Fixed the issue - whenever trying to view a record in the Candidates page, an object error page is returned.

  • Fixed the issue - when writing out a specific query and testing it, the query brings back the appropriate records but the links to said records result in invalid objects.

  • Fixed the issue - when attempting to save a specific query, the query won't save due to the inability to find the table name.

  • Fixed the integration issue - when importing a CSV file with a key column and attempting to match up with the key column from the Contracts table, the app fails.

  • Fixed issue - when creating contacts record, page error exists; when Members click on their profile, error page is returned.

  • Fixed issue - when looking at the CRM Email campaigns results the 'Sent To' value should display the recipient name instead of the email address.

  • Fixed issue - when creating new CRM user, page error exists in certain conditions.

  • Fixed issue - when editing CRM Graph Report (ie - Length of Membership report), page error exists in certain conditions.

  • Fixed issue - when running against a particular query, not all of the appropriate data is showing up in a specific graph report.

  • Fixed issue - when editing a CRM field in the field editor, the application breaks when attempting to change a label name and save it.

  • Fixed issue - when entering a value into the search box above any of the reports, the application breaks revealing an error message.

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