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 Website - Release Notes


Mobile App - Navigation

  • As a Club Admin, I would like the Mobile App top navigation to be hidden when the Mobile Menu is being displayed on the Mobile App. 

    Use Case: Previously, the top navigation was visible on the Mobile App. Now, when the Mobile Menu link is tapped, the top navigation will be hidden.

Reservations - Member Lookup

  • As a Club Admin, I would like to restrict the member lookup on the dining reservation booking window so members can only see and select family members.

    Use Case: Previously, Members would be able see all other Members when booking a dining reservation. Now, Club Admins have the capability to turn on/off the setting for a Family only Member view when booking.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Login page presenting unusual behavior preventing users from logging in.

  • Fixed an issue with Tee Times Guest TBA Type resetting on Edit.

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