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Campaigns are utilized to send blast-emails within the CRM, and are an excellent way to provide a meaningful communication touch-point to Prospects and/or Members.  The campaigns or blast emails may be targeted to contacts within the CRM, by utilizing filters with specific queries, or by selecting individual Contacts.

Use Case(s)

Oftentimes, Clubs will utilize Campaigns to reach out to Prospects based on their funnel stage, lead source, or interests.  Additionally, Clubs may utilize Campaigns to reach out to Members who have not been to the Club in awhile, as determined by a Member’s online reservation history.



Accessing the Tool 

From within your CRM, click on the Campaigns link in the sidebar, under the Communication section.

Starting a New Campaign

From the Campaigns screen, click on the blue button labeled Create New Campaign.

Step 1 - Properties

All the information on this screen is for internal use only - your selected recipients will not see anything that you enter on this page.

When finished populating information, click Next Step - Add Targets.


Step 2 - Targets

In this step you will select who will receive the email from this Campaign. To begin, click the blue button labeled Add Targets.

In the Send To dropdown box, you will need to choose what type of target you will be sending to:

To send to an Object, follow the below steps:

To send to a Query, follow the below steps:

Step 3 - Create Message 

In Step 3, you will craft the actual email which will be sent to the selected targets of this Campaign.

Step 4 - Review

In this step you have the opportunity to review your input for all previous steps. If you notice any edits that need to be made, you can easily return back to any step in the process either by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen labeled Last Step - Create Message or by clicking on the name of the step from the cookie trail at the top of the screen.

Finally, at the bottom of the Review screen, there are four options:

Viewing Your Campaign History

To access a list of all the Campaigns that have been sent via your CRM, and to view the statistics for each Campaign, click on the Campaign History link in the sidebar, under the Communication section.

Campaign History Overview

The first screen you will see once you click on Campaign History in the sidebar is the Campaign History Overview. Here, you are able to view an overview of all Campaigns sent via your CRM, with some aggregated statistics for each.

The filters at the top of this page allow you to adjust which Campaigns display in the bottom part of the page. You can filter your results upon the following criteria: 

Beneath these filters is a list of all the messages that have been sent via Campaigns in your CRM that meet the criteria as specified by the filters. See below for a brief description of each column in this report:

The statistics on this initial screen serve as an overview of your sent Campaigns. If you need to “drill down” deeper into any given Campaign, or even a specific Message from within a Campaign, you can do so by clicking either the Campaign Name or Message Subject. 

Campaign Details


To access the details of a Campaign as a whole (especially for those with recurring messages), click on the Campaign Name from the Campaign History screen. Here, you will be able to review the properties of this Campaign, as well as view an overview of all the individual messages that have been sent as part of this Campaign.

The details in this section are very similar to those on the previous screen, but this view allows you to easily gauge the long-term effectiveness of recurring email Campaigns. You are also able to drill down into the message details of any message in the list by clicking on the Message Subject of that message.

Message Details

To access the details of a message sent through a Campaign, click on its Message Subject from either the main Campaign History screen, or from the Campaign Details screen. Here, you will be able to view the properties of the Campaign that this message was a part of, as well as review the body of the email itself.

Further down, you will see a list of all the links contained within this email, and how many clicks each link received. You are able to see a list of all the contacts that clicked on the link by clicking on the number in the Clicks column.

The last section on this screen displays a list of all the recipients of this message. You are able to filter the results to track down a specific email address, by typing that address into the box labelled Sent To and clicking the Filter button. You are also able to filter the results on the following three categories: 

The statistics that are shown for each recipient are broken out as follows: 




Q: How can I manually select which contacts to target with my Campaign?

A: Sending to an Object:


Q: Can I use multiple queries as targets for my Campaign?

A: You are only able to select one Query at a time as the target for a Campaign. If you want to send the same message to multiple queries, you have two options:


Best Practices


  1. Always be sure to send a Test of your message before finishing your Campaign. This allows you to be sure that the formatting of your email is correct when viewed from within an actual email client. Microsoft Outlook is particularly notorious for displaying certain elements of email messages differently than the rest of the internet, so if you have this installed on your computer, it can be beneficial to send yourself a test there to troubleshoot.
  2. If you are sending your Campaign to the results of a Query, run that query before sending, and go through the results to ensure that the contacts returned are exactly who you expect them to be. If you notice any discrepancies, don’t hesitate to contact your CRM Support Team!


Downloadable Guide

CRM Campaigns - Guide