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Use Case: Previously, Area POS Settings contained the ability to add Buttons to the POS and assign a POS Settings Type to the button, which would then open a free-form field, and allow input to describe a reason for its use.  Now, in addition to having the option for a free-form field, a Club may also define a Global list of reason codes for Voids, and for Comp and Discounts by enabling the Require Void Selection or Require Comp Selection settings.  When global codes are established, and settings are turned on to require selection from the list, collection of data and analysis then becomes possible.  For example, when a Comp button is selected, Clubs may decide to use their Various Departments as possibilities for the list.  Therefore, they can capture whether the Comp was due to Member Relations, or Promotions, for instance.  This function opens up the ability to gather data consistently, and then to address trends and analyze club operations pertaining to these features.  When Global Reason Codes are used, remember that they can now be seen on the Delete/Voids/Discount/Comps Ticket Report.


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