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Accounts Payable

Quick Check - Vendor Invoice

Use Case: Previously, existing Vendor Invoices were not able to be pulled in when creating a Quick Check. Now, the Find Invoices selection will search for any Vendor Invoices that are unpaid and allow the User to select from those search results. The User must then set the Check Number and Check Date and ensure the Check Amount is correct.

Please Note: Because an existing Vendor Invoice is being pulled in, no physical check will be printed. See warning message below.

Vendor Invoice - Export

Use Case: Previously, there was not a feature available for Users to export Vendor Invoices to a CSV file from the Approve Vendor Batches menu. Now, there is an added functionality that will allow Users to click Export CSV to download an export of Vendor Invoices.

Guest Rooms - Guest Room Dashboard - Rates

Use Case: Previously, the Guest Room Dashboard did not allow for a User to view all manual changes made to the Rates associated with a Reservation. Now, the Guest Room Dashboard Reservation view will include any manual adjustments made to a Reservation, shown in the master row Base Rate.

Membership - Member Payments Wizard

Use Case: Previously, cash receipts were unable to be printed from the new Member Payments Wizard. Now, added functionality allows cash receipts to be printed from the new Member Payments Wizard as seen below.

POS - Messages - Member Grid

Use Case: Previously, Member Type was not a column that could be filtered within the POS Message Editor’s Member Grid. Now, the Member Type column has been added to allow filtering/sorting Members by this qualifier when creating POS Messages.

Bug Fixes

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