PayCloud - Release Notes


CE Payments - Auto Draft

Members in the Auto Draft Batch will be sorted by their member number.

Users can now delete Batches that have not yet run, as seen below.

Mobile View

Use Case: Previously this feature would show the chit, and the details were always expanded, causing issues when viewing Current Activity or Statement View on Mobile. Now, Statement View and Current Activity show Amount, Sales Tax, and Service Charges as sub items when expanded, as well as a new link to the Chit/Receipt.

Service Charges will show as line items, as seen below.

Added functionality allows for the User to click Open Receipt, to see full chit.

Please Note: If the Sales Tax and Service Charge line items do not exist for the transaction, it will show only the Chit when expanded.

Use Case: Previously, when viewing forms on Mobile, the User would have to scroll back to their original place when the keyboard opened. Now, added functionality will automatically scroll to the appropriate text box when the Users keyboard opens.

Payment Processor - PaySimple

Use Case: Previously, Paycloud did not integrate with PaySimple as a Payment Processor. Now, added functionality allows for Paycloud to integrate with PaySimple to Enroll Accounts for ACH and Credit Card, Make One Time Payments, Make Scheduled One Time Payments, Make Scheduled Recurring Payments, and Check Status of orphaned transactions.

Users - Members - Payment History

Use Case:  Previously, the Member’s Payment History was listed from oldest to newest transaction date and would only show the last 250 payments. Now, the view has been updated to show newest payments first, and allow Users to view up to 5,000 previous payments.

Bug Fixes

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