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Audit Change Log - New Objects

Use Case: Previously, the Audit Log did not exist in these areas for clients to review changes.  Now, easily see who updated a setting on a terminal, device, etc.

Interactive Reporting

Data Genie

Use Case: Previously, for Clubs who had multiple companies, viewing sales summary by Company was not possible.  Now, see/display sales details by Company in addition to seeing the consolidated views for meaningful reporting at an entity level.


Employees - Employee Security Roles Report 

Use Case: Clubs wanting to review New Hire or Terminated permissions can easily be done without manual intervention.  Easily ensure employees have the proper permissions with this new filter status and columns arranged to match the View Edit, Create, Delete column order in the employee file.

Membership - Member Voucher Transactions Report 

Use Case: When Show vouchers redeemed or sold in this date range setting is enabled, the Member Voucher Transactions report now groups each voucher pack by issue/sold date, in addition to grouping it by member name and voucher pack name.


Filter Change - Multiple Reports Impacted 

Use Case: When filtering reports, now easily use a search filter, rather than a huge drop-down list to select parameters.

The following fields in the following reports were replaced with the new search filter.

Mobile Ordering 

Area Level Settings 

Use Case: Previously, the delivery option was a free-form text.  Now, establish pre-defined list of club locations where delivery is possible by using the Allow Delivery to Club Location option, and adding new Club locations.  If enabled, Members may no longer enter free form text delivery locations when ordering food.


Use Case: Previously, numerous orders may have innondated a kitchen at a certain time because mobile orders were not previously limited by pickup interval.  Now, specify how many orders can be accepted during a given interval to ensure orders taken can be completed.


Device Setting - Print Twice Enabled 

 Use Case: Previously, this setting only worked for Classic POS.  Now, when Print Twice is turned on in classic CMA, mobile POS tickets sent to that printer device also print twice.


More Info Button in Mobile POS  

Use Case: Previously, additional information pertaining to a mobile order ticket including the ticket number, member, ticket creation time, mobile ordering menu, mobile ordering pickup location, mobile ordering pickup time, mobile ordering contact info, etc, was not easily available.  Now, select an order, and click the More Info button to easily locate contact information in the event the kitchen has a question about the order, or needs to inform the member of something pertaining to the order.


Notes - Privacy Setting 

Use Case: Some notes should not be publicly available to see.  If a user is an admin or has the View Private Notes role, then they now have the ability to create new private notes, edit existing private notes, make existing notes private, and view all private notes. If an employee does not have the role, then they can only create/view/delete public notes.


PayCloud - Multi A/R Functionality 

Use Case: Previously, multi-A/R setup could not be accommodated within PayCloud.  Now, Clubs utilizing multiple A/R accounts who wish to display these accounts on a statement have the ability to do so.


POS - Manage Ticket Templates 

Use Case: Previously, when employees had open tickets, end of shift reports did not contain the ability to include this information in the report.  Now, with this element included, Management can easily see who has open tickets directly from the End of Shift Report.


System - System Settings - Clubessential Endpoint Editor 

Use Case: Previously, the custom field display and additions process was not optimized for the Axis Website Sync process.  Now, with this enhancement, Display Order is clearly shown, and new custom fields are always added to the bottom of the grid, ensuring the custom fields remain ordered for sync success.

Bug Fixes

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