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In this article, learn how to import member charges into Office from an Excel spreadsheet using the Member Charge Wizard. This method can be used for any charges that occur on a third party system.

Use Case

  • Importing member charges from an excel spreadsheet.

  • Importing member charges from a third party system.


Accessing the Member Charge Wizard

First you will want to sign into CMA and go to the Membership module.

From here you can use the Member Charge wizard to apply the charges.

Once you launch the Member Charge wizard, on the second page is an option to import charges from an excel sheet. This would allow you to take the charges from your third party system and import them to CMA.

Adding Charges to an Existing Batch

Add to an existing batch by selecting from the rows below or choose to use the Quick Add.

In the next window choose "Next".

This window is where you can opt to import the charges. You can open the file in Excel but for the system to read it the file will need to be saved as a CSV not a XLS.

A new window will appear. From here you can select the file you would like to import and select the Member Charge Import and choose Next.

You will review what is being imported, and once the import is complete, the member charge will reflect the charges from the import. Once you see the charges in the Member Charge window, you will choose finish and the system will place those charges in a batch for you. Once the batch is posted, the charges will go to the member's accounts and appear on their next statement.

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